Copper & Brass Coil / Strip/ Tape

Zinc Cupronickel Strip

      Grade: C7701, C7521, C7541


      Temper: O, H/2, H, EH


      Thickness: 0.05-3.00mm


      Width: ≥8.5mm


Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading zinc cupronickel strip supplier and manufacturer.

The RBCuZn-D strip has the characteristics of beautiful color, high tensile strength, good deep drawing ductility, good fatigue resistance, excellent elasticity, and good corrosion resistance. It has excellent shielding performance and can withstand pressure processing in hot and cold conditions. It is widely used in the shielding field of mobile phones and crystal oscillators. It is also used in the fields of liquid crystal oscillator original shells, crystal shells, sliding sheets for potentiometers, coins, high-end key blades, jewelry, medical equipment, construction, wind instruments and other fields.

If you want to know more about our zinc cupronickel strip price please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

Our company uses moisture-proof and anti-collision packaging, wooden plywood packaging, foot height 100-120MM, (inner diameter, roll weight, according to customer requirements), the whole roll without joints, single, rust-proof paper winding, flat packaging.


The copper coils are separated by small square bars. The square bars are square bars and cannot be large or small. The product is pallet per ton, and the pallet must have a cover plate and four straps for reinforcement.


The net weight of a single roll is marked, and the gross weight and net weight of the whole pallet are marked. Each roll is marked with an indication label, and the whole pallet is labeled with our company. Before packing, an appropriate amount of desiccant must be added to prevent moisture oxidation.

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