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Universal Direction Rotating Lifting Eyebolt

    Specification: M8 ~ M90

    Load range: 0.3T ~ 40T

    Main material: 23MnCrNiMo54

    Standard: EN ISO 12100:2010,EN ISO 3266:2010+A1:2015,EN 1677-4:2000+A1:2008 

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Universal Direction Rotating Lifting Eyebolt supplier and manufacturer.

Universal Direction Rotating Lifting Eyebolt can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and flip 180 degrees up and down, four times the safety factor in any direction. Compared with the traditional lifting ring screw, it is more flexible and can meet the requirements of lifting in all aspects.

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  • 1. Specification: M8 ~ M90

    2. Load range: 0.3T ~ 40T

    3. Main material: 23MnCrNiMo54

    4. Standard: EN ISO 12100:2010,EN ISO 3266:2010+A1:2015,EN 1677-4:2000+A1:2008

  • 1. All are 4 times to the safety coefficient at all the lifting directions.

    2. Thread holes are long enough to ensure that the screw is full screwed in.

    3. Screw firmly fixed contact surface mount (with manual rotation, do not allow the use of tools to tighten)

    4. Equipment materials can withstand tension, will not deform, leading to safety hazards.

For large lifting equipment.


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