Floor System

Artificial Grass

    Material: Plastic

    Color: four Colors fro optional

    Warranty: 8 years
Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Artificial Grass manufacturer and supplier. Artificial turf, that is, "artificial turf" lawn, as its name implies, is a pure artificial product, which is different from natural grass. The artificial turf is a straw that is made of PA, PP, PE material, and PP mesh cloth, which is sewn through a weaving machine. Together, then pass the butyl rubber to make the two together. Or it is understood that the artificial turf is a synthetic grass-like synthetic fiber implanted on a woven base fabric, and the back is coated with a chemical action product having a natural grass motion property as a fixed coating.

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Artificial Grass for Sports field: 

- Soccer 

- Football 

- Baseball 

- Field hockey 

- Tennis 

- Golf 

- Other sport 

Artificial grass features for its high simulation, soft, anti-UV and durable.


Artificial Grass for Landscaping: 

- Garden 

- Home 

- Yard 

- Playground

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