Why Container Status Has Been Strong?

Economic development Angle: container transport is decisive.

From the point of view of big, in 40 years of reform and opening up the Chinese government put forward the policy of enlarging the market opening, for import and export trade will be a great opportunity. At present China has initially built in bohai sea, Yangtze river delta and coastal southeast coast and the pearl river delta and southwest five large-scale, intensive, modern port group. 

It can be said that container transport is one of the main ways of international cargo transport. The trend of global economic integration determines that container transport has involved the core interests of enterprises and even the economic lifeline of the country. Therefore, carrying out container transport has far-reaching strategic significance.

Reform Angle of logistics industry: the reform of container transportation is convenient.

We look at container transport from the perspective of the logistics industry. "multi-modal transport" and "car-free carrier", which are popular in the industry at present, are more advantageous than other transport channels in the promotion of card-collecting transport. Container shipping itself is a complex transportation system engineering, involve wide, links, big influence, container transportation system including transportation by sea, land and air transportation, ports, freight station and container transport related customs, commodity inspection, shipping agency, freight forwarding companies and other units and departments, the link is be short of one cannot, so for the intermodal container transport base.

At the same time, the implementation of multi-modal transport of container transport has convenient conditions, container transport between different modes of transport, do not need to move the goods inside the container, only need to change the container, which greatly improves the efficiency of loading, suitable for the joint transport between different modes of transport.

It can be said that there is no major change in the economic structure. As long as the import and export trade does not decrease in importance, card-collecting transportation will be more stable than other transportation industries, and the opportunities are also very attractive.

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