What Tools are Commonly Used for Port Container Transportation?

What tools are usually used for container transportation in ports? Some friends may not understand the operation of the port, and even some people may think that the containers in the port must be cranes used in handling.

In fact, the ports are becoming more and more developed. These ports are using a lot of lifting tools, among which the rail type lifting tools are more typical. This hoisting tool runs on the track and can run on the track, that is, it can move the position, and then adjust the position of the hoisting equipment according to the propagation position, so that the containers on the transmission are transported to the dock in a neat stack.

Tire-type lifting tools are also currently used more, such tools are generally used more in inland docks, because the following are tire-type, then the same can be moved back and forth, the same can be used for container lifting and transportation.

Another type of lifting tool is a large forklift, which is very large and much larger than the warehouse. The forklift has a lifting system on it and a robotic arm that can lift the container and then lift the container to the designated location. In general, a large lifting tool lifts the container down from the spread, and then a forklift transports the containers one by one to the designated place and arranges them neatly.

Large container cranes are also used more. For example, some terminals are relatively dense in containers, and the volume of containers to be processed every day is particularly large. At this time, you can use such large cranes for lifting. One of the characteristics of large cranes is that they are very powerful, and they are very fast when handling containers. At the same time, the cranes are very flexible, and they can shuttle between the terminals for container handling. Such cranes can be seen in many large ports.

Container straddle carriers are another type of tool that can be used to move containers. This tool can unload the container from the track and then place the container on the freight vehicle. It is not very common in ports now. , And the rail transport industry now uses this more. There is also a so-called gantry crane, which can be said to be everywhere in large ports, especially some internationally renowned large ports will purchase this equipment for container handling.

I will briefly introduce here the situation of some vehicles used in port container handling. Containers are also dimensioned. When different types of containers are being handled, the choice of instruments and tools may be different, so different ports will choose flexibly according to the actual situation. In fact, there will be a whole set of procedures when operating in the port, and the container will not be transferred immediately after the ship arrives. Some ships need to go through relevant procedures when they arrive at the port. After completing these procedures, you need to contact the port to queue up and move containers on different vessels according to a certain sequence. It may take several days before the port is unloaded to the dock.

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