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Copper Strip/Tape (Thickness: 0.15mm - 3.0mm, C1100, C1220, C1020) for Door

    Thickness: 0.15mm - 3.0mm


    Normal Size: 3mm*25mm*50m / 3mm*25mm*15m / 6mm*50mm*50m


    Width: 610mm max.

Copper is a very stable metal, it is very high corrosion resistance, as long as the conventional method can be taken care. However, copper is natural antiseptic, 

but encountered a large number of sulfur and sulfides, or prone to chemical changes. Therefore, the need to remind you that the bronze doors if used outdoors, 

such as villa door, it will be wrapped in the outer frame of the door, from rain or snow shower falls, prevent the precipitation of sulfur corrosion.

Advantages of Copper Strip/Tape:

1) Safety: Copper door with high-tech lock and better anti-theft performance
2) Practicability: copper is an extremely stable metal, its corrosion resistance is very high, is more durable than ordinary bronze doors, not only there is no deformation, 

cracking, long service life
3) The appearance of bronze: popular reason for decoration largely with its exquisite, exquisite craft of copper in copper, mainly through some relief, hollowing, forged 

patterns and auspicious patterns

Specifications of Copper Strip/Tape:

Parameters of Copper Strip/Tape:

Mechanical Properties:


Manufacturing of Copper Strip/Tape

Packaging of Copper Strip/Tape

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1) Shanghai Metal Standard

2) Customization



Main equipment for Copper Strip/Tape: 

1) Melting Furnace

2) Hot Rolling Mill

3) Milling Line

4) 4 High /6 High Reversing Cold Rolling Mill

5) 12 High /20 High Finish Rolling Mill

6) Pickling Line

7) Degreasing Line

8) Annealing Facility

9) Tension Leveler Line

10) Roll Grinding Machine

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