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Cold Formed for Gates (Channels - Angles - C Channels - steel sheet piles)

    Application: Construction

    Type: Carbon Structural Steel

Steel gates are instrumental in controlling livestock and as such, due care and consideration should be paid to the quality of the gate and its construction. 

Shanghai Metal Corporation's Cold-formed Steel Sections are suitable for practically any kind of steel structure, whether for commercial or residential use. They are also available for use in machines and appliances.

Specifications of Cold-formed Channel Steel:
1) Size: 41mm*21mm or 41mm*41mm back to back 41*41mm, 41*62mm, 41*82mm
2) Thickness: 4 mm - 8mm
3) Length: 10 and 20 feet (3m, 5.8m, 6m), special lengths are available upon request
4) Holes: 9*35mm, 11*35mm, 14*30mm, etc.
5) Material: Cold Formed Carbon Steel

Tolerances of Cold formed Channel Steel: 

Dimensional and cross-sectional tolerances of cold-formed sections are specified in EN 10162. Customer-specific tolerances can be agreed on separately. SMC also offers tolerances with cross-sectional wall thicknesses of >8- ≤12.5 mm. The standard states that the tolerances in this thickness range are to be agreed on separately.

Advantages of Cold formed Channel Steel:
1) The strength to weight ratio is excellent

2) Metals join easily

3) Efficient shapes are available, etc.
These advantages create challenges that are best solved by a good understanding of how the metals actually perform in a structure.

Specifications of Cold formed C Channels:
1) Width: 20mm - 350mm
2) Length: According to customer
3) Thickness: 0.8mm - 6mm
4) Material: Cold Formed Carbon Steel, Electric galvanize, Galvanized steel sheet
5) Surface Treatment: Slotted hole, HDG (hot dipped galvanized), Pre-galvanized, Cold-galvanizing, powder coating 

Specifications of Steel Sheet Piles:
1) Thickness: 3mm - 17mm
2) Width: 400mm - 900mm
3) Length: According to customer
4) Grade: S235, S355GP, S430GP, Q345B, MDB350
5) Material: Cold Formed Carbon Steel, Electric galvanize, Galvanized steel sheet 

Advantages of Steel Sheet Pilings:
1) High strength to weight ratio
2) Good degree of watertightness
3) Comprehensive range of heavy section profiles and lengths available Steel Pile 3D
4) High section modulus leading to reduced deflections
5) Good driving properties and durability

Parameters of Cold-formed Channel Steel:

Parameters of Steel Sheet Piles:


Packaging of Cold Formed Steel Section

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1) Shanghai Metal Standard

2) Customization


Our Service

To meet the entirety of our customers business needs, SMC offers its services as a “One-Stop Shop” for business services including Purchasing, Value-Added Manufacturing, Packaging/Labeling, and Delivery. SMC prides itself on achieving superior results and satisfying customer needs. In this, we earnestly strive to fulfill our role as trustworthy and reliable supplier of business services throughout the entire world.

Our Value-Added Manufacturing Services not only save our customer time from having to out-source, but also spare them the cost of dealing with several disparate shops and deadlines.

Applications of Cold-formed Channel Steel:

1) Building frames, bench frames, floor framing

2) Roof, trusses, gates, fences, cattle grids, scaffolds

3) Tank stands, television towers, car trailers, rails, etc.

Structural steel shapes are suitable for a wide variety of uses.

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