Processing Machine

Injection Molding Machine

    Shot volume: 260-368g

    Screw diameter: 42-50mm

    Injection diameter: 135-190mm

Product Detail

Machining Parts Materials: Carbon steel

Tolerance: Standard tolerance

Machining devices: Injection molding machine

  • 1. machine and electricity

    2. auto

    3. transportation

    4. building

    5. packing

    6. agriculture

  • Production procedure

    1. dosing unit

    2. melting and plasticizing

    3. pressuring and injecting

    4. putting mold and cooling

    5. opening mold and taking

  • 1. composition: injection system, clamping system, hydraulic transmission system, electric control system, lubricating system, heating and cooling system, safety monitoring system

    2. Theoretical injection volume: 277-392cm3

    3. Shot volume: 260-368g

    4. Screw diameter:42-50mm

    5. Injection diameter:135-190mpa

    6. Clamping force: 1600KN

    7. Opening stroke: 430mm

    8. Platen size: 680*680mm

  • 9. Space between tie bars: 460*460mm

    10. Mold thickness: 180-500mm

    11. Injection stoke: 140mm

    12. Hydraulic system pressure: 17.5mpa

    13. Pump motor: 18.7kw

    14. Heating power: 12.6ks

    15. Machine size: 4.95m*1.25m*2.0m

    16. Weight of machine: 5100kg

    17. Advantage: energy-saving and low-consumption

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