What Is The Difference Between A Seamless Aluminum Tube And A Combined Die Extruded Aluminum Tube?

Most of the aluminum tubes on the market are produced by the conventional combined die welding and extrusion process, and the weld line cannot be completely avoided, especially after oxidation. Extrusion production uses short round bar, high temperature, slow extrusion process, especially to control "three temperature", aluminum rod, extrusion tube, and mold should be kept clean, aging time and temperature according to the thickness of the pipe wall and The size of the pipe diameter can be adjusted appropriately.

The aluminum tube extruder currently used includes an extrusion box and a cylinder, and the heated aluminum block is put into the extrusion box from the inlet port, and the cylinder starts to work, so that the extrusion beam pushes the aluminum block to move toward the extrusion die, and the high temperature The aluminum block in the state has good plasticity. When the temperature of the aluminum block is lowered, the plasticity is also reduced. Under the pressure and speed of the pressing beam, the pressing pad pushes the aluminum block to produce plastic flow and extrudes from the extrusion die. In order to obtain the aluminum tube of the required cross-sectional shape and size; during the extrusion process, the aluminum block is in a strong pressure state in the extrusion deformation zone, and the plasticity can be fully exerted to obtain a large deformation amount, and the extrusion deformation can be improved. The structure of the metal material improves its mechanical properties, especially for the aluminum block with the extrusion effect. After the aging of the extruded product, the longitudinal (extrusion direction) mechanical properties are much higher than the similar products produced by other processing methods. Pressing also has great flexibility. It can be used to produce different shapes, sizes and varieties of products on the same equipment by simply changing the extrusion die, and the operation of replacing the extrusion die is simple and convenient. Time-consuming, high efficiency. However, there are still major problems with the formation of some double-layer seamless aluminum tubes. Therefore, it is necessary to improve this situation.

The seamless aluminum tube is generally a perforated extrusion method. Since the seamless aluminum tube has the characteristics of small specific gravity, easy processing, and high mechanical strength, in fact, the production process of the seamless aluminum tube is relatively strict and relatively fine.

However, some problems should be paid attention to during the production to produce a seamless aluminum tube of quality. Let's share with you the problems that need to be paid attention to during the process of making seamless aluminum tubes and some successful practical experiences.

Large seamless aluminum tubes are generally hot extruded and then subjected to subsequent effective treatment. The small seamless aluminum tube can be hot extruded or cold stretched, and then subjected to subsequent effective treatment.

The alumina hydrate produced during the seamless aluminum tube production process needs to be continuously extruded, and is drastically dehydrated to form a blister during the extrusion process. In order to prevent the blisters on the seamless aluminum pipe, the round aluminum rod for extrusion shall not have rolling cracks; it shall not be stored in a humid environment, and the sodium hydroxide content in the cleaning liquid is preferably about 30%, which is strict. Control the amount of aluminum ions in the cleaning solution.

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