Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances

Tin Coated/Plated Copper Strip (Copper Strip Tin Coated) for Microwave Oven

    Base material thickness: 0.1mm - 0.8 mm


    Reflow Tin Plating: Sn 0.8μm - 2.0μm


    Base Material: Brass /Bronze /Copper /Lead Frame

Due to the non-toxic tin plating, a large number of objects used in contact with food and beverages, the largest use is to manufacture tin cans, 

other such as kitchen utensils, food knife and fork, and oven.

I) Acid tin plating advantages:

1) tin is reduced by the bivalent, electricity consumption
2) plating bath high conductivity, low bath voltage, high current efficiency
3) operation for temperature close to room temperature, free heating equipment

4) the use of appropriate additives can be gloss coating
5) less damage to the substrate

II) Alkaline tin plating bath advantages:

1) good uniformity;
2) a wide range of operations;
3) can tolerate more impurities;
4) simple formula;
5) no additives can be luster;

6) pretreatment requirements are not high;
7) can be used insoluble anode

Specifications of Tin Plated Copper Strip:

1) Grades:

    a) Brass: C2600, C2680, C2801

    b) Bronze: C5102, C5191, C5212, C5210

    c) Copper: C1020, C1100, C1201, C1220

    d) Cu-Fe Lead Frame: C19210, C19400

2) Base Materials: Brass, Bronze, Copper, Cu-Fe, Lead Frame

3) Base material thickness: 0.1mm - 0.8mm

4) Width: Max. 300mm

5) Coil Weight: Max. 2400kg; coil: 8kg/mm

6) Pre-plating: Cu: 0.4μm - 0.6μm

7) Reflow Tin Plating : Sn 0.8μm - 2.0μm

8) Standard: JIS H3100 Standard, Meets ROHS requirements

9) Chemical Composition:

Features of Tin Plated Copper Strip:

1) Eliminating detrimental "tin whisker"

2) Improving conductivity

3) Corrosion-resistance

4) Insertion force

5) Malleability for electrical connectors are additional benefits

Packaging of Tin Plated Copper Strip

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1) Shanghai Metal Standard

2) Customization

Applications of Tin Plated Copper Strip:

1) Auto spare parts

2) Lead frames

3) Solar panel battery

4) Electronic devices for the telecommunications

5) Appliance 

6) Connectors

7) Semiconductor 

8) Electromagnetic shielding 

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