The Benefits of The Aluminum Ring

Everyone should always hear that light alloy wheels are better than steel rings. What is good? How good is it? The following is a complete comparison, for your reference:

1. Light weight and fuel saving: 

For example, 13 inches in diameter, the aluminum alloy wheel is about 11% lighter than the steel ring, and the 14 inch is about 22% lighter. The larger the diameter, the larger the difference, the 22.5 inch wheel used in large cars. The circle is about 50% lighter. Taking the 1.6 self-discharging RV as an example, it can save about 1.76% of fuel consumption.

2. Light weight, improve horsepower: 

For owners who prefer large-size rims, it is necessary to use lighter weight light alloy rims in exchange for horsepower. Of course, for the chasing family who likes to step on the gas pedal, it also provides a little quick acceleration and sensitivity.

3. Good heat dissipation:

Aluminum alloy not only has good heat transfer performance, but also has many changes in shape design, which can help ventilation and heat dissipation. This can improve tire life and reduce the risk of puncture. Take 1.6 self-discharging RV as an example, it can increase by about 5~ The life of 6,000 kilometers; it also increases the life of the brakes (increased by about 1 time) and the life of the brake oil, and also reduces the risk of failure due to excessive temperature of the brakes.

4. Better roundness and homogeneity:

It can reduce the vibration and noise of the vehicle.

5. Many changes in appearance: 

Forming by casting method, the shape structure changes greatly; its metallic luster, multi-changing coating and electroplating, etc., create a beautiful appearance.

6. Good safety performance: 

The safety performance test of light alloy rims is much stricter than the steel ring. Because it is brittle, it must pass the strict impact test. In addition, the bending moment fatigue test small cargo wheel rim is an example, light alloy wheel The ring must pass the test with a load of 1.13 times larger than the steel ring, and the test is 3.33 times longer than the steel ring. In the case of the radial fatigue test small cargo wheel rim, the light alloy rim must pass 1.02 times larger than the steel ring. The load is tested for the same long life as the steel ring. Therefore, a light alloy rim that passes the safety performance test should be sufficient for normal consumer use.

7. Low recycling cost: 

The recovery cost of aluminum is lower than that of steel, and the recycling efficiency is high, which is more in line with environmental protection requirements. 

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