TCM FD/FGE 1.5-3.2 // Engine Counterbalance Forklifts


    Power: 46.9kW


    Max Cap: 3.2t

Our clean, efficient, and economical FD/FGE counterbalance truck is capable of transporting loads between 1.5-3.2 tons with minimal noise and vibration.

With advanced ergonomics and a host of innovative safety and performance technologies, the 46.9kW truck also boasts a spacious operator’s area with adjustable seat and steering column, allowing the driver to easily customise the controls for maximum comfort during long shifts. Combined with car-like driving characteristics, the truck is a pleasure to drive.

Equipment includes a multifunction LCD display, lamp kit, backrest, mirrors, and high-quality superelastic tyres. There’s a wide range of customised options that further enhance versatility, and the on-board diagnostics, rapid troubleshooting, and easy servicing means you’ll have maximum uptime.

This is deal for:

Manufacturing, food and drink, automotive, metals, wood, chemical 35% manufacturing, 14% wholesale distribution, 11% transport and logistics. It is often used for pallet movement, unloading lorries and transport, cross docking, general stillage, and material movements.

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Technical Information of FD/FGE 1.5-3.2


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