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Steel Pipe Pile

    Grade: S235, S275, S355, API 5L Gr.B, X52, X60, etc.


    Thickness: 2-26mm


    Diameter: Up to 4500mm


    Length: Up to 100m

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Steel Pipe Pile with high quality and reasonable price.

Pipe pilings are steel pipe piles that are used as steel piling purpose, for example, deep foundation, port constructions etc. Pipe piling take pressures from soils, waters, sands from one side to make use the projects on the other side can go ahead. Pipe piling are also called pipe piles, tubular piles, or tubular pilings.

Although we can produce the pipe piles in almost any diameter and thickness, the projects almost all require big diameter pipes. We can supply in 100m per single length, or we can also supply in shorter length and clients can splice and welding at job sites.

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Technical Information of Steel Pipe Pile:


Pipe piles are produced from different steel grade for wide applications, for example, foundation pipes, king pile, monopile, bearing pile, pipe pile wall, slope stabilization, pipelines, deep foundation, and struts etc. Depending on the technology, tubular pipe can be classified as:


Spiral Submerged arc Welding pipe pile (SSAW steel pipe)


Spiral steel pipe pile is most frequently used with sheet piles to form tubular combined wall because SSAW pipes can be easily produced in very long length without extra welding and in very big diameters. Spiral submerged arc welding pipes are the ideal options for pipe pile wall,steel pipe piles, with steel interlock for clutch to connect two adjacent pipe piles. Spiral welded tubular pipes are produced from steel coils, welded both internally and externally. The width of steel coils used for steel pipe sheet piles can be varied, but in API standard, the material width should be from 80% of the OD to 300% of OD) Pipe shoes are normally welded to piling pipe due to driving considerations. Weld bead can be applied inside. In lots of cases, spiral piling piles are painted for pipe pile walls.


Longitudinally Submerged arc Welding pipe pile (LSAW steel pipe)


LSAW pipe piles are produced from steel plates, so the single steel pipe pile length can be maximum 16m without extra splicing. While Long welded pipes can be very thick, up to 100mm.Almost all pile shoes are longitudinal pipes. Longitudinal pipes can form with heavy pipe pile wall, with clutches, shear rings, and other fabricated components. These steel pipes are typically used in pipelines for liquid or gas or oil and petroleum casings. LSAW pipe pile can also be used as king piles and steel pipe piling.


Seamless pipe


Seamless pipes are produced by drawing a solid billet over a piercing rod, then the hollow pipe formed. Seamless pipes can withstand more pressure than any other steel pipes. When seamless pipes are used for steel pipe sheet pile, the project must have very strict quality controls. Seamless pipe piles are limited in OD and thickness, compared with Spiral welded pipes and Long welded pipes. Wide range of API steel grades and manufacturing standards are available here. Typical applications for seamless steel pipes are oil and gas line pipes, deep foundations,OCTG pipe, drilling casings and pipelines for pas or petroleum


Electric Resistance Welded Pipe (ERW pipe)


ERW pipes are cold formed from steel strip through the rolled. The OD of ERW steel pipes are normally within 600mm and wall thickness of ERW pipe piles are maximum 16mm.ERW piling pipes is a fast and cost effective solutions for steel pipe sheet pile. Electric resistance welded pipes are also typically used as dock piling, marinas, tunnels, columns and struts etc.

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