Cutting Machine

Sawing Machine

    Model: SMC-700 SMC-1500 SMC-2220 

    Vise Control: hydraulic 

    N.W: 5000KGS 30000KGS 43000KGS 

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation pride in excellent quality products with competitive pricing and prompt delivery. Our group of competent engineers develops and improves our products using specially design and advanced equipment to meet the special needs to our clients. With a strong sales team, our marketing member easily serves our customers anywhere.

  • 1 Model:SMC-700 SMC-1500 SMC-2220

    2 Vise Control:hydraulic

    3 Motor Output

    1)Saw blade:7.5KW 15KW 25KW

    2)Hydraulic:1.5KW 5KW 5.6KW

    3)Coolant: 3.75KW 5KW 120W

  • 4 N.W: 5000KGS 30000KGS 43000KGS

    5 Standard Accessories

    1)Bi-metal saw blades

    2)Tool box

    3)Manual instruction

    4)Feeding table

Type A: SMC-700 of sawing machine:

Type B: SMC-1500 of sawing machine:

Type C: SMC-2220 of sawing machine:

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