Forming Machine

Purlin Roll Forming Machine

    Material: hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized steel


    Thickness: 1.5 to 3.0mm

  • 1. The C & Z purlin forming machine has the high compressive strength and good straightness.

    2. This machine is highly automatic, such as auto cutting and punching.

    3. It is has quick and convenient installation, which has helped reduce the labor force.

  • The C& Z purlin forming machine is widely used in the main body stress structure of the large and medium-size building, such as plant, the warehouse, locomotive shed, hangar, exhibition building, theatre, stadiums, roofing load-bearing load and surface support of the arbor.

Our C & Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine Consists Of:


•Leveling device

•Punching system

•Roll forming system

•Post-cutting equipment

•Hydraulic station

•Electric controlling system and run out table for product

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