Portable Ventilator

    Voltage: 36V, 110V, 220V, 380V, 440V

    Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz, 50/60Hz universal type

    Plug: European, American, British, Japanese, etc

1.Ventilator shell: made of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet which has spray painted automobile coating on its surface.
2.Impeller: made of aluminum casting alloy, 7 blades.
3.Fan guard: dusting, zinc coating.
4.Switch: Press/Push button.
5.Integrated plastic handle for easy carrying.
6.Motor: It is wrapped around with international standard copper wire.

7.With radiating rib aluminum casting integrated motor shell.

Strong air pressure, high rotational speed and air volume, strong suction, reasonable structure and superior performance.

Available sizes:
1.200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, light weight with handle, have an integrated switch.
2.400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, can equip with a stand in order to adjust the blowing angle. There are handles on both sides for easy carry.

Voltage: 36V, 110V, 220V, 380V, 440V.

Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz, 50/60Hz universal type.

Plug: European, American, British, Japanese, etc.

Technical Data

Packaging of Portable Ventilator:

Shanghai Metal Corporation Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests.

Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1)SMC Standard 


200mm-350mm portable ventilator

400mm-500mm portable ventilator

400mm-500mm Switch

600mm portable ventilator

200mm-350mm Switch

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