Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator HB365LC-3


    Operating Weight: 81,791 - 85,495 lbs


    Horsepower: 269 @1950 rpm


    Bucket Capacity: 0.89 - 2.56 yd³

The HB365LC-3 is Komatsu’s latest generation hybrid excavator, utilizing a Komatsu SAA6D-114E-6 Tier 4 Final engine and electric swing drive to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% (depending on the application). The electric swing motor-generator is more efficient than a conventional excavator, capturing wasted kinetic energy and storing it in a Komatsu ultra-capacitor. Stored energy from the ultra-capacitor is then sent to either the electric swing motor, or an engine mounted motor-generator to provide fast response from an ultra-low 700rpm idle speed. The new hybrid HB365LC-3 continues to raise the industry bar for hybrid technology and fuel savings with an excavator that has both power and efficiency, while reducing environmental impact.

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Technical Information of Komatsu HB365LC-3





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