How Is The Copper-Aluminum Composite Panel Produced?

Copper and aluminum are among the most common metal materials and each has different properties. Copper has better heat resistance and will melt at temperatures around 1000 degrees, but the strength of this material is relatively poor, especially the pure copper texture is very soft. High-performance aluminum alloys can match the strength of steel, but the heat resistance is very poor. Generally, the temperature of 500 °C is enough to melt it. And if you combine these two materials, you can have their own advantages at the same time, which is the copper-aluminum composite panel that is very common on the market.

A copper-aluminum composite panel that wants to be perfectly combined with copper and aluminum also requires a special process, otherwise the connection between the two will be weak. Generally, there are many ways to produce such plates, but the products produced by different processes will have some differences in performance. The most common and simplest method is through cold rolling. It does not need to heat the two metals. At ordinary temperatures, the high pressure is applied through the rollers of the machine, so that a copper plate and an aluminum plate can be well combined. Together, but we can also imagine that the effect of this combination is relatively poor, so it can only be used in general situations.

However, if a hot-rolling process is used to produce a copper-aluminum composite panel, the two metals can be better fused together under high temperature, and there will be no obvious gaps in the middle, so its performance will be better, at some temperatures. It can also be used in higher occasions. The above are two more traditional production methods, but now there are more advanced processes, such as the plate produced by the explosive composite method, the performance is better, but the price is relatively more expensive.

Copper-aluminum composite panel production process

Hot rolling method: This method mainly rolls copper and aluminum composite thick plates

Cold rolling method: This method mainly rolls copper-aluminum composite sheet

Explosive compounding method: This method has a fast composite speed, completes in an instant, and has high bonding strength, producing copper-aluminum composite thick plates.

Explosive rolling method: This method can produce copper-aluminum composite sheet, firstly by rolling composite method to produce rolled embryo, and rolling the sheet by rolling.

The mainstream processes of copper-aluminum composite panels are: explosive composite method, explosive rolling method.

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