Hitachi ZX890LCH-6


    Net Power: 382kW


    Operating Weight: 84,400 - 87,300 kg


    Bucket ISO Heaped: 1.9 - 5.0 m^3


    Max Dig Depth: 7,140 - 8,870 mm

With powerful swing torque, digging force and lift capacity, the Hitachi Zaxis ZX890-6 is our largest production excavator, and has been designed to meet the demands of quarries and large-scale construction projects. With the benefit of strength and power, it delivers exceptional levels of productivity and stability in tough working environments. It can be used with a variety of attachments and in different work modes to maximise its capabilities. Wherever it is working, it offers exceptional visibility and outstanding performance.

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Technical Information of Hitachi ZX890LC-6





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