Hitachi ZX690LCH-6


    Net Power: 345kW


    Operating Weight: 68,700 - 70,600 kg


    Bucket ISO Heaped: 1.5 - 4.0 m^3


    Max Dig Depth: 7,120 - 8,560 mm. 

The Hitachi ZX690LCH-6 has been designed and engineered to handle hard and abrasive materials, all day and every day, in challenging working environments. The machine is exceptionally durable thanks to robust features and strengthened components, such as the travel motor guard, idler bracket and reinforced arm. The strengthened new injectors coated with diamond like carbon also increase the reliability of the engine. High levels of productivity are achieved due to the technologically advanced HIOS IIIB hydraulic system. The ZX690-6 can be relied on to provide high levels of productivity, safe and easy maintenance, and optimum levels of availability.

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Technical Information of Hitachi ZX690LCH-6





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