Hitachi ZX530LCH-6


    Net Power: 270kW


    Operating Weight: 52,700 - 54,800 kg


    Bucket ISO Heaped: 1.30 - 2.50 m^3


    Max Dig Depth: 5,720 - 7,690 mm. 

With Hitachi’s reputation for producing the most durable machines in the industry, the ZX530LCH-6 lives up to expectations, having been designed to perform in the toughest working conditions with strengthened components, thicker plates and enhanced fuel circuit. The ROPS compliant cab is designed to protect the operator from falling objects and is pressurised to suppress the penetration of air and dust from the job site. While engine oil and coolant levels can be checked in the cab on the 7” multi function LCD monitor.

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Technical Information of Hitachi ZX530LCH-6




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