Hitachi ZX350LC-6


    Net Power: 210kW


    Operating Weight: 34,200 - 36,300 kg


    Bucket ISO Heaped: 1.15 - 1.86 m^3


    Max Dig Depth: 6,500 - 7,380 mm

The ZX350LC-6 has been engineered to operate efficiently on a variety of challenging job sites thanks to its durable features and reliable components. It is ideal for earth moving, general construction and quarrying and mining applications and will deliver optimum levels of availability and performance. Incorporating TRIAS II technology developed by Hitachi, hydraulic oil returned to the tank is reduced due to the cooperative control of the pump and valve. Resulting in lower fuel consumption by 7% in PWR mode with the same productivity when compared to the previous model.

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Technical Information of Hitachi ZX350LC-6





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