Hitachi ZX250LC-6


    Net Power: 140 kw


    Operating Weight: 25,700 - 28,100 kg


    Bucket ISO Heaped: 0.8 - 1.40 m^3


    Max Dig Depth: 6,190 - 6,960 mm

The TRIAS II hydraulic system has made the ZX250LC-6 one of the most efficient excavators within the dash-6 range. Lowering fuel consumption by 19% in ECO mode (10% in PWR mode) compared to the previous model, while maintaining the same high levels of productivity. The swing torque has been increased by 9% and the power boost feature enhanced by 10%, making it easier to dig next to sidewalls and work on slopes, and giving it greater lifting power. The spacious ROPS-compliant centre pillar reinforced structure cab, incorporating many user-friendly features and offering all round visibility, ensures a safe and comfortable working environment for the operator.

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Technical Information of Hitachi ZX250LC-6





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