Offshore Container

Dry Goods Offshore Containers

Product Detail
  • Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Dry Goods Offshore Containers manufacturer and supplier. According to the definition of the International Maritime Organization, an offshore container is a mobile unit that is frequently used for the transport and hoisting of goods or equipment between fixed or floating installations at sea and between ships. Containers for the transport of dangerous goods as well as mobile containers may also be referred to as offshore containers.

  • According to the definition of the European Committee for Standardization, offshore containers are divided into three types: offshore freight containers, mobile containers, and offshore service containers. If you want to know more about our container products or Dry Goods Offshore Containers price please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

Common Usage: 

Ideal for offshore lifting , storage and transporting of cargo, tools, machinery and equipment in offshore platforms.

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